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Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Machine Sep 20, 2017

In Jun of 2017, Dagang serious asphalt pavement maintenance machine participate the tender in Hainan maintenance project. Dagang obtained the tender for 3 units of maintenance machine by its superior performance and enterprise efficient service.


Pothole is one of the common disease in city road, which will affect the appearance of road also dangerous for travelling.


The traditional way for repairing the pothole is by manual, the material should be heat up in advance, that is high energy consumption, low efficiency, poor quality, long cycle and unsafe.



Dagang’s machinery used for repairing the potholes consist of truck chassis, hydraulic system, hot mix asphalt cabin, burning system, asphalt spraying system, control system and rolling system. It can heat up the cold asphalt mixture to 140-160 degree for insulation. 

 The spraying device with heating function can spray the tack coat material, roller is used for compaction after filling pothole to ensure the construction quality.

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