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Dagang Road Machinery Is Awarded As The 2016-2017 Outstanding Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Enterprise May 24, 2017

2017 Green City Construction:2nd asphalt Pavement Maintenance Conference is successfully held 30th –31st, March in Shenzhen. The topic of this conference is “scientific green pavement maintenance, improve the pavement durability and comfort.

Dagang, as the leader for new technology in asphalt pavement maintenance, has already provided the machinery and technology for road construction and maintenance project in 63 countries in the world and 32 provinces in domestic market. Rely on the unremitting efforts and contribution that have done to asphalt pavement maintenance work in our country even in the world. Dagang road machinery is rewarded as the 2016-2017 Outstanding Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Enterprise. Also the enterprise Guangdong Changda Highway Engineering co., LTD who is the user of our machinery has been rewarded as the 2016-2017 Outstanding Asphalt Pavement Construction Enterprise.


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